About Us


Sarroca Medical Center, is offering a Corporate Membership called Direct Primary Care (DPC).

The direct primary care model (DPC) provides family physicians with a significant alternative to paying for medical services, usually by charging patients a monthly fee that includes most of the services of Unlimited primary care including basic laboratory. 

What makes my practice different

* Be accessible when you need me, and give you the necessary time without harassment so that you can make the right decisions.

* That you consider us worthy of your trust, and that you feel the warmth of our treatment every time you have an appointment with us.

* Know you by name, understand your condition, and offer you the health care you really need.

APRN Mercedes Sarroca

Mercedes C. Sarroca APRN 

Master's degree in science as Family Nurse Practitioner in 2016 at South University, USA.

Graduated in 1986 from the

Medicine School in Havana, Cuba. First degree Specialist in Integral General Medicine in 1992